How to Prepare for a New Semester

By Joseph Clymer posted 11-07-2020 16:23


Everyone knows that college isn’t time for only studying hard. It’s also true that the answer to studying hard isn’t to party even harder. There needs to be a balance, as college is a great opportunity to develop great friendships and contacts, but also the time when you’re focused the most on acquiring new knowledge. You’ll hardly ever have that combination in your life again.

To get the most out of every new semester in college, you’d do well to go into it prepared. This means hitting the discount school supplies, but also plenty more strategic steps you should be taking to secure a good takeoff for this new chapter of your education.

Start with a To-Do List

Whether you’re a fan of theirs or not, there’s no denying the power of a to-do list. There will be plenty of things to do in preparation for the new semester, and you don’t want to keep going back and forward because you forgot some of the important steps.

The very first items on your list should be those that will help you tie any loose ends you might have from the past semesters that you don’t want to carry over to this one. It could be as simple as returning an email you’ve been postponing for weeks – these are the kinds of tails you don’t want to be following you into a new endeavor, which your new semester certainly is.

Have a Plan for Money

If money is of no concern to you – congratulations, you can skip ahead to another part of the article that applies to you. For the rest of us, money is a pretty big deal when we’re in college. There never seems to be enough of it. Plus, any time you’d devote to making it is time you could be spent studying or socializing.

Solution? Have some sort of plan. You should have a clear understanding of possible sources of income, as well as what your major expenditures will be. You should plan so that your income can cover what you spend, and maybe even leaves you with something little to set aside.

Get Yourself in Order

Things will start happening at the start of the semester, and you want to be sure that you’re in top form to follow them. Hitting a gym, jogging, or trying to eat healthier are all some of the great choices you can make to get yourself in good shape.

But if these are too demanding, maybe start with something easier. How about setting a sleeping schedule and sticking with it? You’ll need to wake up early, which is something that takes some getting used to. No reason not to start with it as soon as possible.

Do All the Practical Stuff

A lot of the preparations might be just about getting in the zone for a new semester. Don’t forget, however, that there’ll be some very practical things you’ll need to do and the arrangement you’ll need to make.

What does your dorm room look like? Do you need to give it a makeover? Have you ordered all the textbooks you’ll need? Are you sure all your gadgets and tech are in working condition? Have you fixed the things that are not? Are you sure you have the wardrobe that will cover the whole semester? These are all valid practical concerns, and you’ll have to address them sooner than later.