Must-have Gadgets to Work as a Digital Nomad

By Joseph Clymer posted 01-26-2021 03:46


The pandemic has turned many people into digital nomads, and the bonus part of being such a nomad is that you can work from anywhere in the world. With a good Internet connection, you can work online and skip going into the office. It doesn’t hurt, though, to equip yourself with some nifty gadgets to make the ‘work-wherever-you-like’ concept that much easier and more rewarding. 

Constantly connected 

Being a digital nomad doesn’t ever mean you have to experience issues with phone calls in different parts of the world. With a virtual phone system from TalkRoute, you can have a single virtual phone number and use it to keep connected.

A toll-free Internet phone number ensures crystal clear global communication and it works with the cell phone you have. The mobile app allows you to send international text messages and calls and the app connects calls directly through your cellular network. 

You can keep your personal and business calls separate as the apps give you the ability to make and receive calls showing your business number on the outgoing caller ID.

Mobile hotspot

You want to be sure that you have an internet Wi-Fi connection wherever you go and one that allows you to work in any country. A mobile hotspot is likened to a broadband modem and router.

You can connect a number of devices to the hotspot without slowing down the connection. A dedicated mobile hotspot, as opposed to a mobile phone, gives you a fast, secure online connection by taking an LTE connection and converting it into a Wi-Fi signal that your smartphone can use. 

It has advantages over a smartphone hotspot as there is no danger of you going over your cellular data limit. It also provides a greater Wi-Fi range. You can use your smartphone by turning on the mobile hotspot on your phone or you can choose an external hotspot. 

A robust power bank

As a digital nomad, you need a power bank that is portable and compact and that can recharge your devices. These banks are rated on capacity, which is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). 

The capacity indicates the number of times the bank will recharge a device until its power reserves are depleted. Not having charged up devices can lose you a client. You can get a power bank that suits your devices. Whatever brand you go for, the best ones will have lights on them that indicate how much power is left. 

Those in the 10,000mAh category are best for smaller devices, while the 20,000mAh category powerbank will suit larger devices. These stronger power banks recharge your devices many times. 

Universal plug adapter

A universal adaptor plug is an absolute must-have for the digital nomad. There are bound to be places that you head to that won’t have the same plug sockets as what you’re used to. A universal plug adaptor is compact and can be plugged in anywhere. 

You get these universal travel adapters that give you 2 USB ports, a couple of outlets and several international adapters. These sorts of adapters also come with inbuilt surge protection.

Pocket translator

If you’re a digital nomad heading to all corners of the globe, you’ll be wanting to eliminate all the language barriers you’re guaranteed to encounter wherever you go.

It’s impossible to learn a whole lot of new languages. Still, with this nifty little pocket translator, you can speak into the microphone in your own language and the translator will repeat it in the language of the country you’re in. If you’re desperate to buy stuff to continue working wherever you are, this gadget can get you what you want without having to endure stares from confused people.