The Common Sugaring Techniques Scammers Use on Dating Sites

By Joseph Clymer posted 06-17-2021 23:26


Life for many is super busy and using technology to find a date can save a person a lot of time. There are some people who think online dating is taboo as they don’t believe you can gather enough information on the person. They believe the sugaring techniques of scammers can lead to many pitfalls.

Be wary of married sugar daddies

The online dating world does come with challenges. With covid-19 and the isolation it brings, singles are turning to online dating. However, unbeknown to many, there are married people there scamming people about who they are.

The social media platform Iris looks to artificial intelligence to predict better matches. Iris Dating talks about sugar daddy scams and the platform is packed with important information on relationships.

The dating platform advises and warns you on how to be vigilant when parting with personal information once a level of trust with a person has been established.

Avoid a suggestive profile

The internet has brought in a whole new era of convenience for people, even when looking for a partner. When you look for a date online, to avoid common sugaring techniques from scammers, always create a good profile by choosing a username and profile picture that isn’t suggestive.

Be careful how you fill in your ‘About Me’ section and how you go about describing what you are looking for in a partner. Never give out any personal information such as your phone number, address, and bank details. You want to first establish that the person you’re communicating with is safe and not a fraud.

There are married people on single’s dating sites

Of course, there are many shadowy creeps lurking online. They’re looking for casual sex and nothing else. They lie about their age and they even use fake pictures on their profile.

Yes, tougher security measures are constantly being put in place to try to ensure authenticity, but nothing can be 100% guaranteed. You yourself will need to follow your gut to some degree as to whether the person is legit or not.

Before you go and lose your heart to someone online, sense when there are red flags waving lest you don’t lose other things too. There are many con artists on online dating sites that work at gaining your trust and rob you of your money and your peace of mind.

Scammers build up a loving rapport

With digital dating, the sugaring techniques that scammers use can be scary as they appear to be so real. You just have to know how to protect yourself online. Scammers know precisely what lonely people looking for love on the internet want to hear.

They’re used to weaving a web of deception. They’re patient, willing to bide their time as they know what their target is – your bank account. Once they have built up a ‘loving’ rapport with their target person, it becomes so easy for them to move in and con someone.

With a fake persona, they go from one dating site to the next to ensure that their scams aren’t ever picked up.

Gifts in exchange for sex

As the internet becomes more sophisticated, so do the online scammers. Many of them turn to online dating sites to find their victims. A fairly new trend these days, and especially in Covid-19 times, are young people, both male and female, who go online.

Their purpose is to become part of the sugar daddy industry. The young people are known as sugar babies and they’re on the lookout for older people – sugar daddies – who are willing to lavish them with gifts in exchange for sex.

They say they’re looking for companionship, but that’s really the con part. It’s pure sex they’re after guised under the name of companionship and they often promise to pay off all the young person’s debt – at a price.