Online Teaching Options if You Cannot Travel as an ESL Teacher

By Joseph Clymer posted 07-07-2021 00:06


The migration of foreigners to the United States continues to increase the demand for teaching English as a second language. The English Language Learners (ELL) programs have been introduced in many schools to meet the demand.

As an English teacher, you can travel and live in a foreign country and advance your teaching career. However, if you cannot travel, exploring other teaching opportunities may be a good idea. Here are other teaching options if you cannot travel as an ESL teacher. 


Qkids hires native English speakers with an ESL certificate and a bachelor's degree in English. The teachers must dedicate at least 6 hours per week to teaching. You can earn an hourly pay of $20, teaching Chinese learners from kindergarten to the 6th grade.

Managing online tutoring and the associated workload can be challenging, so you need to have a suitable management strategy. The tutor management software by TutorCruncher makes your work effective and frees some time to allow you to focus on your work. With this technology, it is easier to match your skills with the students' requirements. 


If you cannot travel abroad, consider partnering with Vipkid for online teaching opportunities. Vipkid is ranked one of the best platforms for ESL online teaching, offering six months contracts to tutors. Payments are made via direct bank deposits not later than the 15th of every month. The demo lesson and overall performance during the interview determine your base salary. 

Vipkid takes care of lesson planning, curriculum development and grading, allowing you enough time to inspire your students for many other activities. Vipkid is a great option for anyone with an irregular work schedule and who wishes to enjoy work flexibility. You can begin teaching and continue adjusting your schedule as per your wish. 


Working with Skooli requires fluency in English and an English degree. With Skooli, you can teach students at the university, high school, and middle school and enjoy competitive pay depending on your qualifications and experience. 

Skooli tutoring platform takes care of students from different parts of the world. They hire ESL teachers who are passionate about teaching and are ready to combine their passion with a part-time or full-time job. If you want to supplement your income, partnering with Skooli to teach the English language online may be a perfect deal. 


iTutorGroup hires native English speakers with TESOL or who are about to get the certification. The teachers in this platform earn an hourly rate of $24 teaching English to Taiwanese adults or children.

Dating back to 1998, iTutorGroup has become one of the largest online platforms driving favorable interactions worldwide. There are opportunities for bonus payments depending on the size of the class and the online feedback received from the students. 

Teachers must commit a minimum of ten hours every week and an additional four hours during the weekend. The time allocation should allow you some time to socialize and run personal errands. 

Whales English

Whales English offers opportunities for online English teaching to teachers at high school and elementary levels. Whales English is a high-paying platform with a rate of up to $26 for 50 minutes and an additional performance bonus. 

Working with Whales English allows you work flexibility owing to their shorter class duration. The company offers great support to the tutors with numerous career opportunities and professional development. They also provide teaching tricks and tips to make you more effective in online teaching. 

Whales English allows teachers to choose between two working hours, either Monday to Friday or Saturday and Sunday. Since parents are allowed to select teachers, you need to focus on making a good first impression and be on top of the game.