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A Practical Example of an Informative Speech for Research Students

Do you want to enhance your understanding when it comes to Informative Speech?

If your answer is YES, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place as you’ll find a complete example of an informative speech here but wait, let’s have a glimpse of what an Informative speech is before stepping into its examples through a college essay writing service.

The basics of Informative Speech

The core aim of this speech is to inform and guide the audience about a particular topic. A certain size and nature of the information are implied that require to be conveyed to the target audience. The speech could be typically practiced when the Essay Writer wants to spread specific knowledge about something to which the audience has limited knowledge of or is mostly unfamiliar with the topic. 

Correspondingly, for research students, it is difficult to write this type of speech and they tend to become easily frustrated. However, they can look at different informative speech examples online Paper Writing Service to grasp ideas and polish their knowledge about speech writing. Generally, this speech involves sharing information that cannot always be absorbed easily. Therefore, the speaker is expected to make his or her content eye-catching to attract the audience. Let’s consider a practical example of an Informative speech to improve your knowledge.

Example of Informative Speech

Respected Audience,

Today I am standing here to highlight the importance of wearing a face mask and frequent hand washing during the current prevailing pandemic that has ravaged the world. The specific purpose of this speech is to inform my audience to use these effective measures because face masks and handwashing are empirically proven to stop the spread of the virus. Under the umbrella of humanity, we all have ethical and moral responsibility to protect each other from the spread of the virus by wearing a face mask and washing our hands as much as possible.

Due to the current epidemic situation, the usage of masks has become essential in social gatherings as well as in health care centers especially in regions that have reported coronavirus cases. So, it is envisioned for people in the society that community health workers, health care managers and workers, and prevention experts remain protected. According to recent info, there are two core paths of transmission of the virus i.e. touch and respiratory droplets. Breathing droplets are generated from the mouth or nose of an individual especially when septic individuals sneeze or cough. If a person is in a close distance (less than 1 m) with another person who is having respiratory symptoms including sneezing or coughing, then the person is highly exposed to the risk of potentially transmittable respiratory droplets. These droplets might also be in public places such as buses or planes where the virus can remain possible for longer periods of time. Hence, moving into the atmosphere where an infected person has possibly coughed or sneezed in could serve as a cause of transmission.

Therefore, the usage of surgical and cloth masks is one of the adequate preventive measures that could restrict the spread of viruses and other respiratory epidemiologic infections such as COVID-19. But, the usage of a mask is not enough to provide a sufficient protection level; thus, it is necessary to take other hygienic measures as well such as frequent hand washing to ensure a considerable level of a shield from the virus. Symptoms of the virus could comprise of fever, sore throat, cough, and painful respiration. It is crucial to understand that initial symptoms for few individuals infected with coronavirus might be extremely mild.

So, I will conclude my Write My Paper by highlighting the significance of wearing a face mask and hand washing to safeguard ourselves from infectious diseases as mentioned earlier. Therefore, usage of face masks and frequent hand washing are substantial and effective precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus and save the lives of individuals in our surroundings.