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VoIP system is a cloud-based system that is accessible through an Internet telephone network. Instead of being responsible for setup, hardware, software, maintenance, and training etc, a Business VoIP service provider is responsible for taking care of it all. Additionally to being managed completely off-site and no installation or IT cost, a  Business VoIP Provides businesses with the capability to manage their telephone system through a user-friendly online dashboard. With VoIP businesses voice communications utilise the existing data network. The existing company broadband can easily support the unified communications requirements of the entire office. All of the great PBX features such as call recording call conferencing and call routing are provided from the VoIP phone service. Rather than using a propriety telephone with a PBX system, Hosted platforms allow businesses to use any IP phone for excellent compatibility. Calls are made securely over the same network as your computer. The data travels over the IP network to the PBX System that reaches scalable data centres. Then those servers route incoming calls to other VoIP service providers along with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This process works the same for larger companies and smaller businesses. They just have to plug in their phones and start making calls.