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12 Creative DIY Dog House Ideas - 2021 Guide

If you are looking for an easy DIY dog house for your emotional support dog. Then don’t worry. DIY dog houses are easy to build ESA letter, and they are not expensive. But make sure they are comfortable and safe for your dog.

The dog houses are usually simple and easy to build. You can also buy readymade dog houses from the market, but they are expensive. If you don’t want to buy it from the market, then create one. The dog house that you made at home makes sure they are made with good material. Take the size and measurements of the dog, then create the dog house.  

With an ESA letter for housing, you can easily live with your emotional support dog. There are different kinds of dog houses that you can make for your dog. But make the best one that never disturbs your dog.

Here is a list of the best dog houses, choose from them, and create the best for your dog.   

Basic Dog House Design

This basic dog house is simple and easy to make. The look of this house is simple, and it is suitable for medium-sized dogs. You can easily get information online related to the tools and how it is made. Create this dog house for your legally register emotional support dog.

A-Frame Dog House Design

It is an effortless and easy dog house design. This dog house is easily created and does not take more time. It is easily built in less than a day with approximately 100$. For this dog house design, you can easily get all the building materials from the market. Get the ESA letter and easily live with your pet without any problems.

DIY Dog House with Deck Design

This dog house design has a deck, a toy box, and a food and water place. You can easily get the design pictures online related to this design. Select the best one that you choose and create like this. This dog house is best for your emotional support dog.

Simple to Build Dog House Design

This dog house is easy to make and not very expensive. All the materials that are needed for this house are easily available in the market. Get the ESA letter online and create this amazing house for your dog.   

Crooked Dog House Design

This dog house design is different from the usual and basic design. This dog house design is easily available on various websites where you understand how to create this and what things are needed for this dog house. It is easy to build and not a very tough process of creating.

Pallet Dog House Design

In this dog house, you can use plywood and pallets. They make the dog house beautiful and comfortable. The pallets and plywood make the dog house warm and safe. You can get the idea first of how to create this and then start working on it.

Like humans, dogs also like beautiful houses, and it is a good way to make them feel comfortable and secure. Emotional support animal letter is required if you want to live and travel with your emotional support dog.

Mini Ranch Style Dog House Design

If you are looking to give your dog a luxury house, then this is perfect for them. It is a unique and stylish type of dog house that looks different from the other dog houses. This dog house is made with sheets of plywood, and it is excellent for your dog’s safety. You can easily clean this dog house, and it does not take a lot of time.   

DIY Insulated A-Frame Dog House Design

This dog house will keep your dog warm in winters. It is best for both small and medium-sized dogs. This dog house design is very affordable, and you can easily create it. It is built for under $75. If you have enough money, then make this for your emotional support dog.

Large Wood Dog Kennel End Table Design    

It is technically not a dog house, but you can use this kennel design as a dog house and a side table. It works as a table and an excellent solution for a small dog that stays inside the house. This multifunctional side dog house-cum-side table is best for your small-sized emotional support dog.     

Unique Log Cabin Dog House Design

This dog house is robust and will keep your dog safe, especially on rainy days. It is a unique dog house, and your emotional support dog will easily live in this house. Emotional support animal certification is required if you adopt the emotional support animal for your mental related problems.  

Free East Fork Dog House Design

This dog house design is easy to make, and it looks different from ESA letter for housing other houses made of wood. These types of houses are cozy, and you can place a cushion or blanket in your dog house. Make this for your dog and provide comfort and a home-like environment.

Functional Mobile House Design

This dog house design is great if you need your dog to move around freely. It is easy to make and does not require a high-level budget. Make it for your dog and give comfort in the same way that they provide to you.

All these dog houses are easy to make, so choose the best one for your dog according to your budget.